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About Healthline

Society, family structures and our circle of friends, have changed vastly over the past few decades. So too did our good habits transformed into easy meals, take-aways, shakes and HD television. A pill for everyday of the week: some to make us thin, others to make us cope. From only the men bringing home the pay check, to women labouring on the same road to success; these days the onus rest on both parties to make ends meet and to climbing the corporate ladder of success. Regrettably our modern society has an undercurrent that could destroy the last bit of good in all of us; stripping away our beautiful self, until what is left—are undeniable health issues. The world as we know has changed.

Weight Loss, High Cholesterol, Healthy Lifestyles

More and more people are working longer hours, neglecting their families and self. This has changed the way we live, the way we cook meals and the time we actually sit down to enjoy our culinary efforts. Our sedentary lifestyles have become an ocean of sorrow.
But how do we acclimatise to the calling of the modern world with all its stress, anger, anxiety and constant increase in works-loads? Unfortunately there is no quick and easy fix (although many may offer), just a road less travelled where you will find all the right answers to life’s beatable health issues. Just like everything else in life, our HEALTH also takes time to get back into its almost original state. The great news is that it can be done with the right health guidance.

These days it is all about high cholesterol (heart diseases), high blood pressure, acne, arthritis, gout, uric acid, candida, diabetes, stress, anxiety, depression, yeast infection and low blood-sugar levels... Most of us are well aware of these current day health issues; it has become the focal point of most conversations. Even though you might fall outside the scope of these aforementioned health conditions, there are many others that could adversely affect our daily lifestyles. Some of these health issues were previously associated with old age, not anymore.

Many in this same modern society take excellent care of themselves; they are actively involved in sports, active hobbies, or are just plain active. They live healthy lifestyles and abide by healthy rules. With the daily bump and grind pounding body, mind and spirit, they too without realising it, lacklustre somewhere along the winding road of life. Sleepless nights, lack of concentration, tired at work, stress and lack of energy. Sounds familiar? This is when we (or some of us) resort to energy drinks, quick fix supplements, alcohol or even other substances to even out the bends in our work-, social- and family life.

Weight Loss, High Cholesterol, Healthy Lifestyles

As a dietician, Sunette Kotze has been active in HEALTH issues since 1993, and can proclaim it with great success. As a health specialist she has met many at the door (naturally her Health Shop). With care, effort and patience she has helped so many through the rough to eventually reach their dreams. And this is what she finds so rewarding about her profession.
‘I’ve seen many lose hope, tired of reaching out for quick fixes. After numerous efforts in the wrong direction, they eventually reach out for help, and that is the good news. As a dietician I want to curb this type of destructive behaviour. It is not only affecting the patient, it is also affecting their immediate family members, the relationship with their kids and their sex life. If only they can recognise the long term effect of an unhealthy life style, but most don’t.’ She expressed.

We all have something to live for—a perfect sunset, freshly baked bread, the fresh smell of rain (on arid land), the smile on kids’ faces when you least expect it, a dog wagging its tail and a spouse grabbing you in his (or her) arms. Don’t let the sun set on your life or the HEALTH issues you tussle with. Our lives are worth much more than just a list of chronic medication. With good food, an active life style, healthy eating habits, enough rest, relaxation and clean fluids—the world has just become a better place to live in. Great health starts here!

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