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Eat Rite, Sunette Kotze Registered Dieticia, Health and Food Service

As a dietician, Sunette Kotze has a great passion for health, believing that it is never too late to take the first step in the right direction. Her Health Shop started the long and arduous journey from home in 1993, providing a health and food service to those in need. Later the demand for her professional and caring health service expanded rapidly and she had no other choice but to relocate to a more centralized area. De Oude Muragie Centre (near the Kolonnade Shopping Centre in Pretoria) was the perfect choice to set up her new Health Shop. Today her Health Shop (E-Spice Health) is running at full steam, proving a Health Consultation Service, DNA Testing (to medical aid and non-medical aid members), Health Products and Supplements to all members of society.
Sunette also provides nutrition assessment to Discovery Medical Aid members, helping them to earn vitality points.

My Secret Diet Box, Health Shop, Sunette Kotze

Interested in loosing up to 2kg in 10 days? Now, the impossible has just become possible with the 10 day low GI and GL Food and Snack Kick-starter pack; as an added bonus Sunette Kotze (registered dietician) will measure your body fat percentage. Food parcels are prepared according to your specific needs which include an easy to follow menu.

There are a variety of 10 day food packs available to accommodate the growing health market:

Food parcels are prepared and packed (to suit the needs of her PATIENTS and regular clients) in ice coolers, so that none gets spoiled on the way home, keeping it fresh and scrumptious. And even though you might not be interested in the products (on a regular basis) they will still go every step of the way to ensure that you have an optimal Self Help Health Plan. Unfortunately not all products can be listed.
Do remember that the healthy food-packs are easy, tasty, convenient, time saving and perfect for a healthy life style and weight loss.

As a Solgar, Low Carb Lifestyle (My Secret) and Eat Rite stockist, Sunette will assess, prescribe and plan your food and nutritional requirements for a week, a month, constantly guiding your progress toward the initial goal—GREAT HEALTH!
Clients are more that welcome to phone, or email for assistance, or even schedule an appointment with Sunette Kotze, or just drop by to say hello.

Health Books:

Eating for Sustained Energy (Book one of four)—by Authors Gabi Steenkamp and Liesbet Delport (ISBN: 9780624048039).
The advantages of following a LOW GI (Glycaemic Index) diet, the solution to many of life’s little problems, lowering of stress levels, the improvement of concentration and increased stamina at home and work. Lowering and stabilising glucose levels in diabetes patients. Eating for Sustained Energy also contributes to weight loss and improves concentration in children and adults that suffers from ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder)

Sustained energy for Gluten-free eaters—by Authors Liesbet Delport and Sharon Alderson (ISBN: 9780624048268). Low GI gluten free recipes.

Eat Smart and stay Slim—by Authors Gabi Steenkamp and Liesbet Delport (ISBN: 9780624047391).
Low GI guide to losing weight and keeping in shape without compromising taste. Feel great again with controlled blood-sugar levels, sustainable energy levels and an optimised metabolism.

Sustained Energy for Kids—by Authors Gabi Steenkamp, Jeske Wellman and Tanzia Merlin (ISBN: 9780624043232).
Children are the future. With the right guidance and food, kids can grow up and contribute to society in the right way. They will fare much better at school, sport and/or college and university, contributing to a brighter future for themselves and society.

Health Books, Gabi Steenkamp, Liesbet Delport

The South African glycemic index and load guide—by Authors Gabi Steenkamp and Liesbet Delport (Glycemic Index Foundation Of SA (GIFSA)) (ISBN: 9780620291798).
Now you too can control your blood glucose levels. Leaving this specific health issue unguarded can lead to numerous health problem of which overweight, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart diseases that are rife in our modern society. Know the facts about the food you’re eating and the long term effects on your health.

South African Cookbook for Allergens and Food Intolerance—by Author Hilda Lategan (ISBN: 9780624042037).
The title sums it up perfectly. With more than 230 recipes now you too can enjoy life and great health.

South African Cook Book for Diabetes and Insulin resistance (Part 1 and 2)—by Author Hilda Lategan (ISBN: 9780624047230).
It is filled with healthy (and affordable) recipes, subsequently promoting good blood-sugar levels and enhancing health. It also contains more than 230 tried and tested recipes, discusses food planning and how to be prepared for special occasions that falls beyond home life. It also discusses the important issue of Type-1 and Type-2 diabetes, in full.

Versatile Vegetarian Recipes—by Author Hilda Lategan (ISBN: 0620247800).
These days it has almost become a buzz word in society. Some religious groups follow vegetarianism to the letter, other to reap health benefits. Whatever you reason this recipe book is filled with great recipes.

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