Supplements / Vitamins (Geneway ...)

Geneway DIM, Weight Loss, Supplements, Vitamins

Geneway DIM: Broccoli extract, excellent for breast cancer and prostate cancer prevention. Weight loss and Metabolic Detoxing support.

Biomax PQQ, Mitochondrial Health, Supplements, Vitamins

Biomax PQQ: Excellent for mitochondrial health and energy to the brain and body.

Salvesterol, Supplements, Vitamins

Salvesterol: For CYP1B1 gene variants. Excellent for breast and prostate cancer prevention and treatment.

Active Folate, MTHFR Gene Variants, Supplements, Vitamins

Active Folate: For MTHFR gene variants which needs the active form of folic acid. Mainly for body energy support and homosysteine support.

CBD Oil, Supplements, Vitamins

CBD oil: Excellent for pain support. Also helps with stress and anxiety. Good for brain function.

L Glutamine, Blood Glucose Support, Supplements, Vitamins

L-Glutamine: Amino acid for blood glucose support, GUT health and sugar cravings.

D LUX Vit D3 Mouth Spray, Supplements, Vitamins

D-LUX Vit D3 mouth spray: Vit D3 support as a mouth spray with 1000 IU per spray.

B12 BOOST Mouth Spray, Supplements, Vitamins

B12 BOOST mouth spray: Vit B12 mouth spray with the active form as Methylcobalamin.

Sinus Sprays, Supplements, Vitamins

Skin, GUT and sinus sprays: Natural germ killing sprays.

Bronchi Assist Drops, Supplements, Vitamins

Bronchi assist drops: Natural cold and flu remedy.

Colloidal Silver Nose Spray, Supplements, Vitamins

Colloidal silver nose spray and drink: Natural anti bacterial, anti virus and anti fungus support through silver ions.

Spatone, Supplements, Vitamins

Spatone: Natural effective liquid iron supplement with much fewer side effects than other iron supplements.