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Xymogen Supplements, Supplements, Vitamins

Xymogen supplements: Functional medicine professional range: 5HTP, DIMension3, Colon X, NAC and vit D3 5000IU.

Colloidal Silver Skin Gel, Natural Silver Ions, Supplements, Vitamins

SilverGenesis skin gel and ear drops: Natural silver ions for skin and ear health.

Ginserol Natural Ginger Extract, Supplements, Vitamins

Ginserol: Natural ginger extract for nauseousness and motion sickness.

Colon Caps, Colon Cleansing, Supplements, Vitamins

Kill-A-Germ, colon active and colon caps: Gentle anti-parasite treatment, colon cleanser and regulating products.

Omega 3, TOTOX, Supplements, Vitamins

Omega 3 with low TOTOX count: Omega 3 with low TOTOX count (very low in mercury). Ideal for mnSOD and SOD2 gene variants (heavy metal detoxifying genes).

Intestical, Colon X, Supplements, Vitamins

Intesticol: Excellent support for IBS and colon health support.

Activated Charcaol, Detox, Supplements, Vitamins

Activated charcaol: Detoxifying, assisting with colon wellness like bloating and winds.

Felix Natural Antidepressant, Supplements, Vitamins

Felix: Natural antidepressant with saffron.

Biomax Magnesium, Supplements, Vitamins

Biomax Magnesium: Magnesium supplement with Liposomal technology.

Origine 8 Greentea Extract, Supplements, Vitamins

Origine 8 greentea extract: Greentea extract with all 8 catechins (natural antioxidants).

Ultimag Zink and Magnesium, Supplements, Vitamins

Ultimag: Zink and magnesium supplement for body energy and immunity.