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Welcome to The Health Shop—It's a Lifestyle!

Our mission at E-Spice Health is to provide radiant health and abundant energy with lightness & fun through conscious eating.

We mentor, inspire, guide and motivate our clients to cultivate positive health choices.

At E-Spice Health we give you the knowledge and insight you need about food, nutrition and your specific genetics to improve your lifestyle!

We apply a functional nutrition approach to help you change the way you think about food.

Our METABOLIC DETOX food pack works on an epigenetic level, changing your tastes, cravings, feelings and emotions around food. Through GENEWAY GENETIC TESTING and the interpretation thereof, we can equip you with an even deeper knowledge and insight into your health and how you can change your genetic expression! Remember it’s not how good or bad your genes are ... it’s how you live them! Don’t let your genes run your life. Let your life run your genes!


Healthy Foods, Healthy Drinks, Healthy Snacks, Sunette Kotze Dietician

Healthy- Foods, Drinks, Snacks — CLICK HERE

FitChef: Healthy frozen chickpea potjie with mixed vegetables: Lovely vegetarian meal and popular detox dish.

Xymogen Supplements, Supplements, Vitamins

Supplements / Vitamins — CLICK HERE

Xymogen Supplements: Functional medicine professional range: 5HTP, DIMension3, Colon X, NAC and vit D3 5000IU.

Low Carb Food Packs, Food Packs, Low GI Food, Wheat Free Food, Dietician, Weight Loss

Food Packs: Low Carb / Wheat Free / Weight Loss — CLICK HERE

8 Day Low Carb Food Pack: Effective after the Metabolic Detox to spin weight loss even further!

Probiotic Foods, Probiotic Drinks, Probiotic Supplements, Kefir, Kombucha

Probiotic- Foods, Drinks, Supplements — CLICK HERE

Kombucha Drink: Lovely Probiotic social drink!

Sunette Kotze, Dietician, Consultations, Weight Loss

Consultations — CLICK HERE

Healthy Plate Technique: My preferred approach to healthy eating.

Geneway Genetic Testing and Counselling, Geneway DNA Collection Kit

Geneway Genetic Testing and Counselling — CLICK HERE

Geneway Genetic Test Kit: Geneway cheek swab testing and counselling (120 SNP'S). An excellent nutrigenomic tool for optimising your health.